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Let Go of That Feeling of Brokenness—Because You’re Worthy of Happiness

Through therapy focused on self-compassion, 
learn how to boost your mind's immune system 
so you can handle whatever life throws at you.

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Serving Chicago, IL, convenient to the neighborhoods of Lincoln Square, North Center and Ravenswood

Happiness Shouldn’t Feel Out of Reach

It’s not unusual to feel anxiety, unhappiness or dissatisfaction with your life from time to time. Or maybe you don’t know what you’re feeling; you just know it doesn’t feel good. Even though we all face adversity in life, coping with your symptoms can become overwhelming if you:

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Doubt your own thoughts, feelings, or instincts.

Feel hopeless, like you can’t do anything right, or something’s wrong with you.

Worry about your physical appearance and feel ashamed of the way you look.

Think of punishing or harming yourself when you feel you’ve done something wrong.

Fear that nobody will like you if you let them see who you really are.

Change Your Ideas About Who You Are

Embrace New Thought Processes and Enhance Your Well-Being

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Self-esteem is the immune system of the mind. 

And just like a healthy immune system defends us from illness, a healthy self-esteem makes us resilient to symptoms like stress, anxiety, depression, and more.  

When you have a healthy self-esteem, you can cope with and bounce back from your symptoms more quickly. 

At Unbroken Therapy, I’ll help you manage your symptoms and boost your mind's immune system, so you’re better equipped to handle life’s ups and downs—and finally start feeling better. 

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3 Empowering Ways to

Become a Self-Compassionate Person

A self-compassionate approach to therapy involves developing skills to reframe your harsh self-criticism into more compassionate and fair thoughts. This happens through a collaborative therapy process with treatment tailored to you based on your unique needs and goals.

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Improve your self-esteem by identifying your strengths, challenging your inner critic, and regularly engaging in acts of self-compassion.

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You can’t make anxiety go away—but you can modify how you think about and respond to it.

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Body Image

Identify, challenge and modify negative thought patterns related to your physical appearance

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3 Simple Steps to

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Get Started

Schedule an Appointment

You can pick one of two convenient face-to-face options: in-person or online therapy through a telehealth video appointment.* 

You can choose whichever option is more comfortable or more convenient for you.

*Please note that telehealth clients must be physically located in the state of Illinois.

Complete Your Forms

I’ll send you some documents to fill out through my client portal. 

And no worries if you’re not tech-savvy because I’ll give you step-by-step instructions so you’ll know exactly what to do.

Meet with Me

If we’re meeting in person, you’ll come to my office at our scheduled appointment time. Click HERE for more information about accessing the office.

If we’re meeting by telehealth, I’ll send you instructions on how to log in for our online therapy appointment. 

You don’t need to do anything else to prepare! When we meet, we’ll explore what we can work through together.

A Practitioner Who Cares About You

Embracing a Self-Compassionate Approach to Therapy

Wondering if therapy can really help you?

Imagine what your life will be like when you can finally feel good about yourself and treat yourself well. 

It shouldn’t feel impossible for you. You can get equipped with the skills you need to be self-compassionate—that means you’ll know how to recognize your worth and live in a way that demonstrates this worthiness to others and reinforces your own sense of self-worth. 


Self-compassion includes behavior like:

  • Setting realistic expectations for yourself

  • Identifying and utilizing your strengths

  • Accepting compliments

  • Creating and enforcing relationship boundaries 

  • Communicating with assertiveness

  • Saying "no"

  • Asking for help

  • Practicing regular self-care

  • Bouncing back after making mistakes

  • Extending self-forgiveness

  • Trusting your judgment

It doesn’t matter where you are in figuring out the level of help you need. I’ll meet you right where you are, and we’ll work on your goals together. 

Zach Leezer, LCSW
(he / him / his)

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If you’ve been trying anything and everything to “fix” yourself without seeing lasting results…

It’s Time to Unlearn that Narrative.

You don’t need to be fixed—because you’re not broken. You just need to learn the right skills to help you stop beating yourself up so you can start experiencing true self-compassion. Let me help you get there.

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