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Wheelchair Ramp


The office is located on the ground floor with no stairs and is accessible by wheelchair and other assertive devices. Additionally, the building has a single-person wheelchair-accessible restroom.

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The building has both gendered and gender-neutral single-person restrooms.


Paid parking is available on Lincoln Avenue directly in front of the building. There is also free parking available on Montrose Avenue, Pensacola Avenue, Cullen Avenue, and Hoyne Avenue - all a short walk from the building.


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Unbroken Therapy's office is accessible by CTA trains and busses:

Brown Line - Montrose stop: 10-15 minute walk to the building
Bus Route #50 (Damen): 5-minute walk to the building
Bus Route #78 (Montrose): 5-minute walk to the building
Bus Route #80 (Irving Park): 5-10 minute walk to the building

Have additional questions? Is there anything that can be done to make the office more accessible and inclusive? Contact me and let me know!

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