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Instructions for Entering the Building

Unbroken Therapy office building exterior

Going to your first therapy appointment should not feel scary. If you experience anxiety when going to a new place, these instructions are here to help you feel more comfortable and prepared for your first session.

Unbroken Therapy office building exterior (color)
building keypad

The building is located at 4305 N Lincoln Avenue and the office is on the first floor.

Enter 120 on the keypad to be buzzed into the building.

Loop 8.png
Loop 6.png
Unbroken Therapy waiting area 1

Upon entering, you will see a waiting area in the front of the building, but do not stop here.

Loop 5.png
Unbroken Therapy office hallway
Unbroken Therapy waiting area 2

Proceed down the hall to the second waiting area and have a seat. You will be called when your appointment is scheduled to begin.

Loop 7.png
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